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When is it appropriate to seek a child support modification in California?

Child support is crucial when it comes to ensuring that a child’s needs are met. Once a judge issues a support order, it must be followed — and neither parent Read More

Frequently asked questions about DUI charges

You likely have many questions if you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI). Understanding the charge against you will help you make informed decisions about your case Read More

How do courts determine what is in a child’s best interests?

If you are going through or anticipating a separation or divorce, having a general understanding of how the courts decide child custody is imperative. It will help you better navigate Read More

Pleading to a “wet reckless” to avoid a felony DUI

Getting arrested for a DUI can be terrifying, especially for someone who is facing felony charges. There is, however, another option for certain offenders. First-time offenders may be able to enter Read More

When is public intoxication illegal?

In California’s major cities, small towns and rural areas, there are plenty of places to enjoy booze. While you probably know it is against the law to drive a motor Read More

3 tips for preparing financially for divorce

Divorce can impact your life significantly in a number of ways. One of the ways ending your marriage can affect your life is on a financial level, especially if your Read More

The basics of child custody in California

When a parent gets divorced, often their first instinct is to wonder, “What about the children?” One of the most important parts of the divorce process is figuring out a Read More

What happens when you get a DUI in California?

A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in California results in serious penalties. The state has established base penalties for this offense, which the court may Read More

How does spousal support work in California?

You may have to pay spousal support in California if you earn more than your spouse. If you earn less and think you cannot support yourself after divorce, you can Read More

DUIs, other convictions can affect professional licensing

Doctors, lawyers and other professionals who need a license from the state to legally work know how important it is to protect that license. Without it, a person is likely to Read More

What is the divorce process in California?

Divorce can seem confusing and frustrating if you do not know the process. California does not require a trial separation period before filing a petition. However, the divorce process takes Read More

It’s time to dispose of Qualified Immunity

Racism in the police force? Sure. All Police Officers are racist? Not hardly. Police excessive force case? We have been doing them for years. What we found is that there are issues that Read More

What are the potential consequences for a first time DUI?

There are many different reasons people consume alcohol in California and, for the most part, there is nothing wrong with consuming alcohol from time to time. However, when people consume Read More

Child custody, relocation and military service

Child custody disputes are among the most difficult issues in family law. Unlike many other legal disputes, a child custody dispute doesn’t resolve with a verdict or a settlement, and Read More

Understanding California DUI penalties

When a California driver receives a conviction for driving under the influence, he or she is subject to minimum base penalties. However, some convictions have extenuating circumstances that result in Read More

Could a court-martial occur after you retire?

There has been some questioning of whether retired military personnel can face a court-marital in California. Some believe that once you leave the military, any legal issues should go to Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 73 posts


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