Determined Roseville Attorneys Handle Complex Divorce Cases

California lawyers offer legal guidance for clients ending their marriage

Ending a marriage is complicated, and understanding your legal options can be overwhelming in the midst of such an emotional process. At Strategic Law Command in Roseville, we represent clients in the Greater Sacramento area in all aspects of divorce, utilizing alternatives to litigation where appropriate. We have over 60 years of combined legal experience and are highly skilled at developing innovative and unique solutions to fit clients’ specific situations. Whether you want to mediate your divorce terms, request spousal support or privately negotiate a property settlement, we will deliver sound advice and help you pursue the outcome you seek.

Are there alternatives to litigation in a divorce?

The traditional litigious approach to divorce can be costly and time-consuming, and at the end, it might not produce the outcome you want. The following alternatives to litigation tend to be more cost conscious and efficient:

  • Mediation —A non-binding option facilitated by a neutral mediator who seeks to help the couple work out disputed divorce terms on their own. This process reduces conflict and allows former spouses to stay cordial.
  • Collaborative divorce — A non-adversarial option where the parties team up and share information in an effort to reach a divorce settlement. Collaborative divorce attorneys, financial advisors, parenting coordinators, real estate brokers and other experts are retained to support the spouses.
  • Arbitration — A binding option that is less formal than litigation. A neutral arbitrator chosen by the parties issues an enforceable decision on contested matters. This process preserves privacy, and the parties can establish guidelines to help control the proceeding.

Picking the right forum to handle your divorce is a key decision, and we will recommend the option that is most appropriate for your needs and goals.

How the law divides marital property

California is a community property state, so any assets or debts accumulated while a couple is together is subject to equal division upon divorce. This can include personal property, bank accounts, stocks or a family business. However, determining if an asset or debt qualifies as community property can be complicated depending upon when it was acquired and/or the source of the funds used to pay for it. We are committed to protecting your rights and will litigate if it is necessary to secure a favorable outcome.

When is spousal support awarded?

Spousal support is often highly contested and legally complex. When deciding whether support is appropriate, judges look at a list of factors, such as the length of the marriage, the relative earning capacity of each party and each spouse’s contributions to the marital estate. Temporary support may be ordered until the divorce is finalized. Payments might or might not continue once the marriage is dissolved. We will thoroughly evaluate the circumstances of your case and determine how best to support your position on this issue.

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