Astute Roseville Lawyers Defend Clients in High Stakes Drug Cases

California attorneys aggressively challenge prosecutors in drug crime matters

Prosecutors aggressively pursue drug crime cases and seek the harshest penalties. At Strategic Law Command in Roseville, we understand prosecution tactics and defend clients throughout the Greater Sacramento area in many types of drug cases. With our extensive experience, we know what to expect and how to respond to every legal and factual issue. Whether you were caught with cocaine, arrested for distribution or accused of passing off false prescriptions, we will examine all aspects of your case and develop effective legal strategies to defend your rights.

What is the difference between possession and possession with intent to sell?

Being charged with simple possession versus possession with intent to sell will have a major impact on the direction of your case. Simple possession is the holding of a controlled substance for personal use, and in many instances, a judge will dismiss the charges following successful completion of a drug diversion program. Possession with intent to sell, by contrast, is a felony offense and a conviction could lead to substantial incarceration and fines. This distinction can affect the rest of your life, and we will fight any excessive charges filed against you.

How do you combat charges of conspiracy to sell drugs?

Conspiracy charges involve multiple actors and are highly complex to defend. Having an experienced attorney in these cases is central to mounting a suitable defense. The state often seeks to prosecute everyone in a single trial, so it might be in your interests to move for a separate trial. In addition, showing you lacked the intent to participate in a conspiracy or took affirmative steps to withdraw are other possible defenses to these charges. We understand the stakes in conspiracy cases and will strongly assert every available defense.

Elements of drug trafficking

In California, drug trafficking is defined as trading or dealing illicit drugs and/or the sale or exchange of drugs. This is a broad definition, which allows prosecutors to charge more people with this serious offense. A conviction can result in at least five years of incarceration, large fines, lengthy probation and a permanent criminal record. We understand how prosecutors approach these cases and will tirelessly advocate for a just result.

What are the penalties for prescription drug fraud?

It is illegal to deceive doctors or pharmacists in order to obtain prescription drugs. Prohibited activity includes altering a prescription, physician shopping and selling a prescription for profit. Violating this law is serious and could result in a one-year jail sentence and/or a $20,000 fine. We are highly experienced at defending prescription drug fraud charges and will work quickly to put an effective strategy in place.

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