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California attorneys handle a range of domestic legal matters

Legal issues related to your child or spouse are difficult to address on your own. At Strategic Law Command in Roseville, we represent clients throughout the Greater Sacramento area in family law matters and have five decades of experience helping clients resolve these complex cases successfully. To ensure you have the legal support you need, we are available to answer questions by phone, text and email 24/7.

Firm uses mediation to help divorcing spouses reach consensus on key issues

Preserving civil relations during divorce, particularly if you have children, is typically best for everyone involved. Mediation is a much less adversarial alternative to litigation that facilitates communication and offers the advantages of efficiency, lower costs and more control over the outcome. In parenting matters, mediation allows you to work out a visitation schedule/parenting plan that truly reflects the needs of your child. This approach also helps parties formulate a property settlement that reflects each side’s attachment to particular items. We will evaluate the facts of your case and will determine if mediation is appropriate for you.

What are the advantages of a pre- or postnuptial agreement?

By executing a pre- or postnuptial agreement, you can decide in advance how property will be divided and whether there will be payment of spousal support in the event your marriage ends in divorce. This can reduce conflict and uncertainty during an already difficult time. Certain legal requirements must be satisfied to execute a valid agreement, including the mandate that each party have representation. We will assert your interests during negotiation and see that your agreement is fair and enforceable.

Helping clients enforce or modify a child support order

Enforcing or modifying a child support order is a complex matter that often requires court intervention and should be handled by an experienced attorney. The primary process used to enforce child support in California is to request that the delinquent parent be held in contempt. If the request is granted, a judge can impose numerous penalties to compel payment and compliance. If either party has experienced a significant change in circumstances, such as a substantial raise or a job loss, and wants to modify a child support order, court approval is necessary to protect the interests of the child. Our attorneys are adept at handling these cases and will advise you on best way to proceed.

What can you expect during the adoption process?

Adopting a child is exciting, but the path to the final hearing can be difficult. Depending on the circumstances, the parental rights of a biological parent may need to be terminated, which can be a lengthy and complex process. In addition, you will have to undergo an evaluation to determine if you can provide a safe and healthy home. We will support and guide you through every stage.

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