Tenacious California Family Lawyers Fight for Fair Child Support

Assertive attorneys advocate for the well-being of children in the Roseville area

Raising a child is expensive, from paying for schooling and extracurricular activities to clothes, food, healthcare and other basic needs. Both parents have legal responsibilities to their child, and neither should be made to take on more than their fair share of the costs following a divorce. The attorneys at Strategic Law Command negotiate and enforce fair arrangements for the financial care of children. When our clients in California find themselves in a child support battle, we leave no stone unturned as we work to demonstrate each parent’s financial ability and the needs of their children. Our priority is to achieve a settlement or decision that keeps your child safe and secure.

Experienced counselors advise parents on their legal rights

At Strategic Law Command, our skilled family law attorneys take a hands-on approach to address the needs of each and every client. Dedicated to helping parents understand and assert their rights, we handle even the most complicated conflicts. Drawing on our experience and knowledge of case law, we provide the following services:

  • Negotiation of child support through mediation
  • Litigation of child support issues
  • Enforcement of child support orders
  • Modification of child support orders

Our attorneys will thoroughly explain California child support guidelines and how they apply to you. We aim to keep our clients informed and empowered at every step, so that they know what their children are entitled to and what they can expect out of the legal process.

Trusted mediators work for balanced child support arrangements

Children do best when their parents can be respectful of one another. Through the structured process of mediation, parents can often put aside their differences and focus on a topic on which they tend to agree — the importance of their child’s well-being. Mediation presents a forum for creating fair child support plans that allow both parents to share in the financial obligations of raising their children. Our skilled negotiators can guide the process toward equitable solutions that save time and money.

Resolute attorneys represent parents during disputes in court

Sometimes trial is necessary to obtain the financial support your child deserves. Our attorneys meticulously prepare for litigation and are unrelenting as we fight for your child’s right to a financially stable upbringing. If your child’s other parent tries to evade crucial financial obligations, Strategic Law Command can compel the enforcement of your child support order. However, judges understand that a lost job or serious injury can render a parent unable to pay child support. When your circumstances change, we can petition the court for a modification to the support order.

Contact determined California family law attorneys for help with child support issues

When it comes to your child’s financial well-being, securing the services of a committed and knowledgeable attorney is crucial to achieving a positive outcome in a child support case. Call Strategic Law Command at 916-787-1234 or contact us online today to schedule a consultation at our Roseville office.