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DUI Attorneys Who Fight To Win

California’s DUI laws are some of the strictest in the United States. Even a first offense can lead to suspension of your license, thousands of dollars in fines and mandatory participation in an alcohol education program, as well potential jail time.

The attorneys of Strategic Law Command have the knowledge and experience to assist veterans, active duty military members and civilians who have been arrested for impaired driving. Whether your case goes through an administrative proceeding or a criminal court, we have the trial skills to help you.

What You Need To Know About DUI

California law does provide that anyone driving in the state has given implied consent for blood alcohol tests. Refusing to take the test can lead to your license being suspended, even if you are not convicted of a DUI.

If you are arrested for impaired driving, it is important to speak to a lawyer right away. With over 50 years of combined experience as both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys, we can guide you through the process. We’ll ensure your rights are protected and do everything we can to get the charges reduced or dropped completely.

DUI Defense For Licensed Professionals

Dealing with a DUI is not a pleasant experience for anyone, but licensed professionals have an extra layer to deal with: the potential threat to their livelihoods. We assist doctors, lawyers, nurses and other professionals in dealing with licensing boards. Your reputation in your field is important, and we will work hard to help you limit the professional consequences you may experience as a result of these charges.

Don’t Wait — Call Today

Our criminal defense attorneys in Roseville are ready to help you fight for your rights. Call 916-312-6945 or send us an email to get started.

Mission Accomplished, I am a HAPPY CLIENT!

Mr. Karalash was very professional with handling my case. To my experience, he is an expert in what he does. He has knowledge like any TOP NOTCH Lawyers would have. When it comes to a jury trial, Mr. Karalash is the man that’s going to prove to the juries that you’re not GUILTY!!!
– Tho: Criminal DUI

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