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Strategic Law Command’s Purpose

Strategic Law Command has added this blog space solely for the benefit of our clients. We believe that the better armed you are, the better your chances of survival against the government, or any entity that would try to take your life, liberty or property. When we speak of “armed” however, we want you armed with KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge of your rights. Knowledge of the law. Knowledge of upcoming changes in the law.

In the “information age” it is knowledge and information that are the greatest weapons against tyranny and oppression.

No piece of knowledge is too small, such as what is going on with the helmet laws for motorcyclists in California. (We will keep you updated to our progress in those civil lawsuits, but rest assured, we will continue the fight for our clients when law enforcement oversteps; just as we did when we prevailed against the bogus helmet law citations of our clients.)

We will keep you posted on the trials and tribulations that we have to endure, including those pesky attempts to claim that Medical Marijuana users are automatically DUI. Until such time as scientific evidence establishes a threshold amount of THC in the blood we will have to deal with Law Enforcement Officers that believe just because they can smell it, you must be DUI. We have proven to juries that Law Enforcement has been over stepping with these arrests. We will continue that fight and keep our readers apprised of any trends.

Strategic Law Command came about after the demise of Strategic Air Command. As former members of Strategic Air Command we could not let that piece of history die without comment or reverence. Just as Strategic Air Command’s members lived under the motto: “Vigilance for Peace” so will Strategic Law Command.

We will remain vigilant. We will keep you apprised. Because at the heart of it all, Peace is our Profession.

We look forward to your assistance in our vigilance. Without vigilance we will falter in keeping our government in check. Without knowledge, we cannot keep apprised of our declining rights.

Join our journey.

We love our country! It’s just our government that we have to worry about.