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When Does Drug Possession Become Trafficking?

Being arrested for having drugs in your possession can carry serious penalties. The crime charged depends on the amount of drugs you’re carrying and what you intend to do with Read More

Understanding the Penalties for Drug Possession, Sale or Manufacturing

Persons accused of possessing, selling or manufacturing drugs in California face hefty penalties and incarceration if convicted. If you or someone you know is facing drug-related charges, it’s important to Read More

Penalties for Possession of Various Controlled Substances in California

A conviction for possessing a controlled substance in California can result in severe consequences — legally, personally, and professionally. The punishment for possession varies depending on the type of drug Read More

When is prescription medication use illegal?

Rather than utilize discreet methods of procuring illegal drugs in California, you may feel perfectly justified in asking friends and family about taking a few pills of their legal prescriptions. Read More

Defend against drug charges by establishing an unlawful search

In many cases involving drugs, law enforcement officials break into a house or search a vehicle and find illegal substances and/or drug paraphernalia. Prosecutors then build their drug crime case Read More

Ca. man facing drug charges following traffic stop

If a police officer has found drugs on your person or in your vehicle, you may face drug possession charges. The severity of the charges you face will often depend Read More

Viewing 1 - 6 out of 6 posts