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A Divorcing Spouse’s Right to Reimbursement for Contributing Separate Property

In California, property acquired during a marriage is considered community property and is therefore subject to being divided equally in a divorce. So, what happens if a spouse used money Read More

What to Do If You Suspect Your Spouse is Hiding Assets

The division of assets can be one of the most contested elements in a divorce proceeding. In some divorces, one spouse might attempt to hide property to avoid that asset Read More

Can a Grandparent Get Visitation Rights?

As a grandparent, your relationship with your grandchildren is a fulfilling and important aspect of life. However, due to a split in the family, you might have visits with your Read More

What is a “Sunset Clause” in a Prenuptial Agreement and How Does it Work?

Those who are contemplating marriage sometimes sign prenuptial agreements to protect their individual financial interests in the event that their marriage ends in divorce. These contracts specify how assets will Read More

What are the main ways to end a marriage?

Most people are familiar with the concept of divorce, but there are three ways a marriage or registered domestic partnership can be ended in California. How you choose to terminate Read More

What is the process for divorcing your military spouse when they are overseas?

Every divorce is different — and there can be complex issues if you are divorcing a spouse while they are serving in the military overseas. In cases where one or Read More

When is it appropriate to seek a child support modification in California?

Child support is crucial when it comes to ensuring that a child’s needs are met. Once a judge issues a support order, it must be followed — and neither parent Read More

3 tips for preparing financially for divorce

Divorce can impact your life significantly in a number of ways. One of the ways ending your marriage can affect your life is on a financial level, especially if your Read More

How does spousal support work in California?

You may have to pay spousal support in California if you earn more than your spouse. If you earn less and think you cannot support yourself after divorce, you can Read More

What is the divorce process in California?

Divorce can seem confusing and frustrating if you do not know the process. California does not require a trial separation period before filing a petition. However, the divorce process takes Read More

Beware of the financial fallout from gray divorce

Divorcing after the age of 50 has become so common, it has a name: gray divorce. Thanks to longer life expectancies and modern medicine, people in California who are considering Read More

Do you know the pros and cons of legal separation?

You have tried everything you can to repair the cracks in your marriage and fully enjoy your life in California with your spouse. Unfortunately, it seems as if divorce may Read More

Divorces impacted by new pet custody laws nationwide

When a married couple decides to call it quits, they often battle over property, spousal support and custody of the children. For many people, deciding who gets to keep the Read More

How does my house get divided in the divorce?

California is a community property state, meaning that there is a presumption that any property acquired during the marriage belongs to both spouses equally. In other words, both spouses will Read More

Viewing 1 - 14 out of 14 posts