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  • What can I do to get legal help for military criminal defense?

What can I do to get legal help for military criminal defense?

If you face a military criminal accusation, it is essential that you find the right help. Such charges can result in serious punishments that not only will affect your military career but also the rest of your life even as a civilian. You have a couple of options in California for choosing assistance.

The American Bar Association explains a military criminal accusation requires help from an attorney. You can hire a civilian or military lawyer. You may use military legal assistance for advice but those attorneys cannot represent you in criminal cases.

You want to work with a legal professional who has experience in military court. This is different than civilian court, and you want your attorney to know what he or she is doing. Furthermore, the rules and procedures differ greatly as do the possible punishments. Anyone you work with needs to know how the military court works.

Military legal assistance should point you in the right direction of who to speak to and help you find your options. Do keep in mind that if you cannot afford legal representation, the court will provide you with an attorney as it is your right under the constitution of the United States.

Facing criminal charges in any court can be upsetting, but having to do so in a military court requires someone by your side who can help you as much as possible. So, it is essential that you understand your rights and your options for a defense. This information is not legal advice. It is for education only.