When a person is on probation, the thought of having that probation revoked can seem scary and overwhelming. Understanding the conditions and limitations of your probation is critical to the successful completion of your probationary term.

Here are some probation do’s and don’ts that can help you avoid violations that could lead to greater restrictions, including imprisonment:

  1. Read the terms and conditions of your probation carefully to understand what the court expects from you.
  2. Alert your probation officer at once if you move to a new location.
  3. Comply strictly with all instructions your probation officer gives.
  4. Pay all court-mandated fees, fines and restitution payments during your probation.
  5. Complete any required community service that is a condition of your probation.
  6. Attend any required AA meetings or drug treatment programs.
  7. Comply with and pass all required drug tests.
  8. Don’t use controlled substances of any kind, including cannabis, while on probation.
  9. Don’t associate with individuals with pending criminal charges or open warrants.
  10. Don’t commit new criminal offenses while on probation.
  11. Don’t leave the city or state without first seeking permission from your probation officer and, if required, the court.
  12. Don’t violate the terms of electronic monitoring if you are required to wear a monitoring device.
  13. Don’t violate an emergency protective order or restraining order.
  14. Don’t enter any areas designated by the court as off-limits, such as establishments that serve alcohol in the instance of alcohol-related offenses or frequenting areas known for the sale of illegal drugs if you have a drug-related offense.

If your probation officer finds that you have violated the terms of your probation, you could find yourself in front of a judge once more. While you’re entitled to a hearing and a chance to fight any allegations of a violation, if you are found guilty, the judge may revoke your probation. As a result, you could find yourself having to serve jail time.

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