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Ca. man facing drug charges following traffic stop

If a police officer has found drugs on your person or in your vehicle, you may face drug possession charges. The severity of the charges you face will often depend on the type and quantity of drugs, as well as whether your intent was to distribute or sell the drugs in your possession.

Police officers recently stopped a vehicle for improper lane usage and alleged that the smell of marijuana was coming from the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was apparently advised of his rights and reportedly told authorities he was transporting large amounts of narcotics in his car.

The officers reportedly searched the vehicle and found about 100 pounds of marijuana in plastic bags. Officers also allegedly found what appeared to be 2,500 marijuana e-cigarettes as well as a plastic bag of half a gram of what was suspected to be methamphetamine.

The man apparently was taken to the Metro Narcotics Unit and when he was interviewed, he told authorities that he had purchased the marijuana in California and wanted to take it to Florida to sell it along with the e-cigarettes. He was arrested and taken to a local correctional center.

Under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, all citizens have the right to protection against self-incrimination. Once you are in police custody, the officer must read you your Miranda rights. In other words, they must inform you that you have the right to remain silent, that anything you say can and will be used against you in court, that you have a right to an attorney and that, if you can't pay for one, one will be appointed to you. If an officer questions a suspect before reading these rights, any statements made by the suspect, including confessions, cannot be used against them in court. A criminal defense attorney can provide you with more information about your rights under the Constitution.

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